Service We Offer

Maxwel is the leading household maintenance service provider in the market with plenty of satisfied customers. We provide household service of full home cleaning, washroom cleaning, pest control, kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, termite control, carpet cleaning, paint jobs and rodent control. Our house is the place where we live most comfortably and if our house is not clean and dust or pest free we are surely not safe at the most comfortable place. Washroom cleaning will help in cleaning even the most unhygienic place and enjoying the bath with aroma and hygiene environment. Pest and Rodent are the member of each house but they are not the desirable one so we provide pest and Rodent control to kick away the uninvited guest. Sofa is most dust absorbing so it should be cleaned on regular basis for dust free living. We also provide paint job that is most tired work for everyone. So in all we at Maxwel provide all home cleaning and control at your doorstep to live dust free and pest free healthy life.